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Welcome to MLB’s Game Plan: A Safe and Strategic Response to COVID-19

We understand that our passengers have questions regarding COVID-19 virus impacts on travel and what Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB) is doing to prevent the spread of the virus. MLB is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and convenient travel environment for its passengers, customers, tenants, and employees. Below is information on our MLB Game Plan’s new safety procedures, improvements to the airport terminal, recommended safe practices, and travel tips for your next journey with MLB.

“Welcome to MLB. The safety of our travelers, customers, employees, and partners remains a top priority at Melbourne Orlando International Airport. To help ensure a safe travel experience at MLB, enhanced cleaning procedures have been implemented. While in the terminal, we ask for your help by practicing physical distancing and invite you to use the hand sanitizer stations located throughout. Wearing a mask is required in the airport and on airport property, and frequent handwashing is encouraged. Additional information on traveling safely at MLB can be found at Thank you for your continued support of your hometown airport.”


Planning makes perfect when it comes to travel. Below is a checklist with a few “to-dos” to consider before your arrival to MLB. Reviewing our checklist before airport arrival can help alleviate any natural travel anxiety you may be experiencing during this time.

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  • Don’t forget to pack:
    • Face mask (learn how to make your own and instructions on how to wear your mask here)
    • Hand sanitizer (TSA is allowing one liquid hand sanitizer container, up to 12 ounces per passenger, in carry-on bags until further notice and will need to be screened separately)
    • Sanitizing wipes
    • Phone charger
    • Other personal protection equipment (PPE) including gloves


From the moment you arrive at Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB), you will notice the airport’s effort to keep our community safe. Below are common ticketing FAQ.

  • Not checking bags? Use your airline’s mobile app to check-in. In doing so, you’ll virtually retrieve your boarding pass and skip ticketing altogether.
  • Checking bags? It’s beneficial to use your airline’s mobile app to check-in, retrieve your boarding pass, and pay for your checked luggage. Use the airline kiosks to finish your check-in process if needed.
  • Please note that ticketing agents remain available to assist. The airport’s large ticket counters provide a safety barrier to protect passengers and airline employees.
  • Please be advised that ticketing queueing lines have changed to provide adequate physical distancing. So, look out for the new entrances with the signs pictured below:



The airport and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have joined forces to ensure a safe and healthy security checkpoint for MLB passengers and employees. By reviewing our TSA security checkpoint list before arrival, we are all able to do our part in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus

  • Physical distancing markers have been placed on the floor to guide passengers throughout the TSA security checkpoint process.
  • Passengers will keep possession of their boarding passes and scan them at the TSA travel document podium.
  • TSA has committed to routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces along with security screening equipment.
  • A hand sanitizer station has been installed for passengers to use immediately after passing the security checkpoint.
  • Learn more about TSA’s response to the coronavirus here.


Lucky’s Bar and Dunkin’, both located post-security, are open with a limited menu at the bar. The following safety measures have been put in place.

  • Mobile ordering at Dunkin’ is encouraged with the use of the Dunkin’ app.

  • Physical distancing markers have been placed along the entrance to order at Dunkin’.
  • Tables and seating at Lucky’s Bar have been spaced out to ensure physical distancing. With that, additional seating has been added within the airport concourse to accommodate customers.
  • Lucky’s Craft Food & Drink located pre-security has reopened with a limited menu. New temporary hours are from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily.


Before boarding, relax in the seating spread throughout the concourse and feel safe doing it.

  • Seating has been reduced and spread to encourage physical distancing.
  • Terminal operations staff have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures for all terminal seating.
  • Use mobile boarding passes to eliminate contact with airline employees.
  • Physical distancing markers have been placed to safely guide passengers throughout the boarding process:


American Airlines and Delta Air Lines are leading the passenger safety movement. Below are several initiatives from both airlines.

  • A face covering is now required while flying with American. Exceptions to this requirement include very young children and anyone with a condition(s) that prevents them from wearing one. Learn more here.

  • Delta has expanded onboard customer safety by blocking select seats across all cabins. Delta is capping capacity at 50% in First Class and 60% in Delta Premium Select, Delta Comfort+, and Main Cabin. Learn more here.
  • Delta also expanded its commitment to safety by requiring all customers to wear face coverings when traveling with Delta. Learn more here.


Welcome to your final – and safe – destination. Please review our baggage claim list to ensure safety for our airport community.

  • Physical distancing markers have been positioned on the baggage claim belts at MLB to promote a safe atmosphere while retrieving your bags.
  • Physical distancing markers are placed with a queueing line for the baggage claim help desk.
  • If you are retrieving late arrival baggage, please visit your airline’s ticketing counter for assistance.


Continue to the next part of your journey safely with a pit stop at MLB’s ground transportation options.

  • Physical distancing markers have been placed at every rental car company and shuttle queueing lines.


  • In accordance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Directive SD 1542-21-01, masks are required in the airport and on airport property. To view the TSA Security Directive, click here.
  • The MLB team has implemented enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the entire terminal for all airport passengers, customers, tenants, and employees.
  • Supplemental hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the terminal before and after significant travel touchpoints.
  • Masks have been issued to all airport employees to protect themselves and our customers. With that, masks are available for purchase at Lucky’s Bar, located post-security.
  • Signage has been installed throughout the airport terminal to encourage and remind passengers of safe and healthy travel tips.
  • New advanced technology from MLB’s Clorox 360 System Electrostatic Sprayer is being used to disinfect and sanitize furnishings and surfaces throughout the airport terminal to provide an even cleaner environment for customers and passengers. Click here to learn more.


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We all share the responsibility to keep ourselves, fellow travelers, and our community safe.
Thank you for flying MLB and doing it safely.

For more additional on the virus, we invite you to visit the CDC’s website: